The history of the Globe of death started in the begining of the 20th century. John Stotts found an official patend by Rosenthal. It describes a globe of death, like it is today.
The date of this patend is in the early 1900's.

But is not completly sure it was the first Globe of death on earth.
It's clear that none has invented the globe of death like this. The globe has roots, who are much more older than the 1900's. The inclined tracks made of laticed wood, are the origins of the globe. And we are now in the 1880's, when bicycles where strong and maniables enough to rides on these tracks.

So the chronology is like this.
Inclined track, came first.1880's
Globe of death, came second.1903.
Wall of death came at last. 1911

The shows presented in the Globe of death at that time was totaly different than now. The speed was lower, and the numbers of riders rarely was two, motorcycles. Most of shows featured only one man or woman in the globe.

WHERE? In the USA, Rosenthal is the first official Globe of death, but it was never said that it was to be used in a show. But we all consider that the first globe was in USA, without to be 100 % sure.
Countries who saw their first Globe of Death:
The second country to have seen a globe of death is France, where MAURICE ABBINS performed the first one in 1910. ABBINS said he saw this show in the USA and then imported it to France.

UK: Maurice Abbins, exported from France to UK (England) his Globe of death. So this was the first Globe of death in the UK.

The first Globe of death is still unclear. What is official is that the oldest globe of death name in Italy is Bettoschi who owned the Varanne Globe of Death who was build in 1915!! This Globe is the world's oldest known. And still in activity!!!

Herby Durkin is the first known Globe of Death in Australia, he builded it himself.

The first Globe of death in Brazil was imported by Italian rider: Guido Concci. Somme says in the 30's somme says in 1945.
Guido tought to a lot of young riders to ride. From the first generation we knows, Dantas, Panair do valle, there is more to add on this list: This first generation thought to other guys (The second generation) then the third and so on. So in Brazil, ask a globe rider, he should know who teached him, he should know his generation level.
The Brazilans will show a lifelong respect to the theirs teachers.

Guido Concci was stabbed to death durring a poker game. A real cow bow boy this guy !!