Friday, November 12, 2010

Herby Durkin, First Globe of death in Australia

Herby Durkin bulded himself a globe of death in the early 1930's. he is the first act of this kind in Australia.
herby died at over 90 years old in 1995.

Herby Durkin

Jonathan Dominguez and Fox girls!

That's a good way to show his skill!! and mybe win a donut after that feat!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010




Source: H-D
The Globe of Death is a circus and carnival stunt where (normally) three performers ride specially prepared motorcycles inside a mesh sphere simultaneously. Generally a Harley-Davidson is the last motorcycle you’ll see in the Globe because it’s too heavy. That is until Harley-Davidson dealer, Gavin Walker, got hold of it!
“The great Clarry Jones1 came up to me after seeing that we’d back flipped a Harley late last year and said we were mad. We got talking and he said he owns a Globe of Death and the rest, they say, is history,” said Walker.
Walker and his crew set-up the Globe at his Harley-Davidson dealership in Mildura on December 27 with two riders – Clarry’s son, Victorian Phillip Jones and Queenslander Steve Butler – vying to be the first to tackle the Globe.
After Jones’s first attempt and subsequent crash, the bike was repaired and Butler pulled it off without a hitch going upside down on his third run, breaking a world record in the process.
“It was awesome; I can’t wait to do it again!!! I’ve ridden Globe before but never on a standard bike and never on a beast like a Harley. The rush was amazing,” said Butler.
The motorcycle used was a Harley-Davidson Sportster XL883.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Douglas Mac Valley

Name: Douglas Sepulveda Do Vale
AKA : Douglas Mac Valley

Douglas father Panair Valley was born: 1922 in Brazil was one of the first Globe rider in Brazil, he learned it from Guido Concci the originator of the act in Brazil and claimed to be of of the inventors of this stunts in Europe early 1890's. Guido arrived in Brazil early 30's.

Douglas, is probalbly the first (No sure ) globe of death show to appear in Ringling bros Barnum and Bailley, together riding with cousin Victor Urias.
Victor stood for many years at ringlong, while Douglas devloped the Globe of death on the world famous stages. He putted the globe of death where nobody was expecting a motorcycles show.

Along his career of business man and rider, Douglas created big stunt shows under circus stunts in Japan and some other countries.
It is well know that the Globe of death is now worldwide famous, it is due from the work of Douglas.
Before that, the globe of death was almost only seen on fun fairs, or small circuses.

In the 90's, Doulgas modified the idea of the SPLITTER from Russia. That particular globe that separate in two parts with riders above in the air.
The Russian one, was very heavy and complicate to assemble.
He modiffied it and presented it first in Las vegas.

At the end of his life (2008), Douglas was taking care of his STUNT FOR JESUS organisation, in the Fidji islands.
We can not says, he was very rich at the end, but he experienced a lot. And at least because all globe of death riders knows him, it can prevent us from the same mistakes.

Douglas had a step soon, in the person of Bela Tabak, who runned the Globe of death of Las vegas.